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Kindergarten in Gdańsk at Kolorowa street

Eco-friendly, prefabricated kindergarten in Gdańsk Energy-efficient kindergarten at Srebrna street in Gdańsk is almost ready. We have completed the stage of installing the prefabricates, utility systems, roofing and the façades. Currently we are finishing the interiors and developing the area in the building’s vicinity. Soon, this modern, eco-friendly building will host 150 children from Gdańsk.

In a matter of a few months, 150 children from Gdańsk and the surrounding area will enjoy this eco-friendly kindergarten. The building was designed entirely in our design studio as a one storey building with a shed roof. The building will consist of 12 symmetrical structural modules, aligned linearly on both sides along the main corridor.

We designed 6 separate departments within the building. Each one will feature a play area, a sanitary unit, storage for teaching aids, loungers and a dressing room. The kindergarten’s walls are designed basing on a structure made of solid timber (KVH) with thermal insulation made of STEICO natural wood fibre wool. The façade will have an additional 5 cm thick layer of hard mineral wool, which will significantly reduce the costs associated with heating. The design of ceilings above the first floor is based on I-section beams. This material is ideal for large spans, and these reach up to 8 linear metres in case of this kindergarten. The entire structure is insulated with STEICO ZELL natural material blown into the structural elements, which allowed us to obtain a great heat transfer coefficient of 0.12 W/m²K.


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