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Multi-family building, Gdańsk, Dolne Młyny

We proudly present an energy efficient multi-family house at 4 Dolne Młyny street, which has been built within the framework of the Gdańsk Social Housing Programme. Due to the number of storeys and the level of technological complexity, the object was a challenge to design, as it required advanced structural knowledge and considerable experience. Our specialists from the Ecologiq design studio managed to tackle this challenge and drawn up a comprehensive design which included an eco-friendly timber structure. We would like to congratulate the residents and wish them great relations with their neighbours. The President of Gdańsk visited the building designed by Ecologiq.

The newest construction of an eco-friendly single-family house with a surface area of approximately 1500 sqm close to Gdańsk, in a variable, winter scenery.

Advanced prefabrication in conjunction with the use of modern insulation materials results in a very low heat transfer coefficient of U < 0.14 W/m2K


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