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Ecologiq nowoczesne domy prefabrykowane

Our company designs and
builds modern energy-efficient houses.

Make your dreams come true with us and make your
loved ones happy. Live in an eco-friendly home.

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Ecologiq nowoczesne domy prefabrykowane

Public utility buildings

Large size, prefabricated public utility
facilities for healthcare, education and commerce.

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Ecologiq nowoczesne domy z drewna

Low heating costs
mean greater savings

Natural wood fibre insulation keeps the heat inside the
building. Be resourceful and cut the unnecessary costs

Ecologiq drewniane domy ekologiczne

Take care of
the environment

Environmental performance of our buildings is confirmed
with the use of building materials of natural origin and with
a lower heating energy demand. We build responsibly and #logically

Ecologiq modułowe budynki prefabrykowane

Prefabrication means
accuracy and precision

Our buildings are air-tight. Enjoy a warm, safe and cosy home.


Modern energy-efficient houses

The raise of public awareness related to environmental threats makes an increasingly number of people act in a responsible manner and make decisions that significantly affect the quality of the world around us. If you plan to build your dream home, you might want to take interest in energy-saving technology, which the Ecologiq company employs to build modern, all-year-round wooden houses. We design our buildings’ structures to be energy-efficient, functional and comfortable for the residents. Our houses are very popular especially among people who are concerned about the environment.

Manufacturer of ready-made prefabricated homes

Ready-made energy-efficient houses

Ready-made designs of prefabricated ecological houses for individual customers and housing estates.
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Individual designs and design services

Own design studio for designing energy-efficient wooden houses happy to meet your expectation
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utility buildings

Large size, prefabricated public utility facilities for healthcare, education and commerce.
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Environmental performance of our buildings

Prefabricated and energy-efficient houses offered by our company are eco-friendly and have many significant advantages, which have a direct impact on the comfort of living. At Ecologiq we apply only certified organic insulating materials produced from natural wood fibres, which in winter effectively insulate the external walls and the roof of the building and protect against the heat in the summer. Since the material is completely diffusion permeable, which makes the walls “breathe”, it ensures the highest comfort of building’s interior, and the resulting climate is beneficial to people with allergies. Wooden houses for all-year-round use feature an outstanding, modern design, and the applied technology allows you to choose any source of heating, as well as choose your roofing and exterior elevation finish.

  • Comprehensive serviceOpen or Close

    We offer comprehensive execution of investment projects. A dream home or any other structure — we execute the project from the design stage to the shell and core stage. In some cases we offer “turnkey” buildings, which are completely ready for use.

  • Price guaranteeOpen or Close

    The value of the investment fixed during the design process does not change during the period of contract execution. We ensure a fixed price.

  • SpeedOpen or Close

    The execution period of a shell and core unit is only 1–2 months for a single-family house. We assemble the building with prefabricated elements within a few days, regardless of the weather. We perform construction works regardless of the time of year.

  • FlexibilityOpen or Close

    Ecologiq offers a selection of building models based on a ready-made design with the possibility of its adaptation or a custom design. Each customer is provided with a personal design consultant.

  • SafetyOpen or Close

    We apply only certified materials during production and assembly. We construct structures which are more resistant to wind and fire than masonry buildings.

  • Environmental performanceOpen or Close

    As a result of application of natural and eco-friendly building materials, our home lives and breathes with us. Our buildings emit up to 75% less carbon dioxide. We focus on ecology, so that we protect the environment.

  • Energy efficiencyOpen or Close

    In the process of prefabrication and assembly we apply modern energy-efficient solutions that can significantly reduce the cost of operating the building. Compared to traditional technology, the fees associated with the demand for thermal energy are reduced four-fold, which has been proved in our existing projects.

  • PrecisionOpen or Close

    Our modern production hall features cutting-edge devices of reputable companies, i.e. Weinmann and Hundegger, which allow for processing prefabricated components with accuracy of up 1 mm.

Wooden houses in an energy-efficient technology for all-year-round use

Our advanced prefabrication process in our factory in Gdańsk allows us to produce structural elements with computer accuracy of 1 millimetre. We transport the finished prefabricates to construction sites, and regardless of the time of year we install them on the prepared foundation slab. Our heat insulation is made with eco-friendly materials. We install roofing and finish the external façades. After completion of the works, we perform thermal measurements to make sure that the building is air-tight and meets our expectations with respect to its energy efficiency.

Ecologiq can boast of many interesting projects not only on the national market, but also abroad. Citizens of Poland, Sweden, Norway and Germany benefit from our offer. We erect structures for individual customers, investors and the local government units. Feel free to contact us.


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